Engine Test cell (2)


`The test cell for aircraft jet engine is the equipment in which performance checks are conducted after maintenance of an engine, and checks the operating condition of each section, adjustment of each part before loading to the aircraft etc., by a trial run of the engine.

The important elements of this system include the induction·exhaust system to realize stable engine operation, the system to control the vibration·noise in relation to the external environment to a standard level

Our engine model is CFM56 3 series.

This is explain about CDM56 3 series engine.

The first derivative of the CFM56 series, the CFM56-3 is designed for Boeing 737 Classic series (737-300/-400/-500), with static thrust ratings from 18,500 to 23,500 lbf (82.3 to 105 kN). A “cropped fan” derivative of the -2, the -3 engine has a smaller fan diameter at 60 in (1.5 m) but retains the original basic engine layout. The new fan is primarily derived from GE’s CF6-80 turbofan rather than the CFM56-2, and the booster was redesigned to match the new fan.

A significant challenge for this series was achieving ground clearance for the wing-mounted engine. This was overcome by reducing the intake fan diameter and relocating the gearbox and other accessories from beneath the engine to the sides. The resulting flattened nacelle bottom and intake lip yielded the distinctive appearance of the Boeing 737 with CFM56 engines.


Model Thrust BPR OPR Dry weight Applications
CFM56-3B-1 20,000 lbf (89 kN) 6.0 27.5 4,276 lb (1,940 kg) Boeing 737-300Boeing 737-500
CFM56-3B-2 22,000 lbf (98 kN) 5.9 28.8 4,301 lb (1,950 kg) Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400
CFM56-3C-1 23,500 lbf (100 kN) 6.0 30.6 4,301 lb (1,950 kg) Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-500

                                       (From Wikipedia)

We have Aircraft Engine. CFM56-3 series engine (ESN720950).

We also check the test cell at the GMF Aero Asia.

When the Engine test cell they check the performance. Depend on thrust, engine type is change.

Also price is different.

Our engine is CFM56-3B-2 now. Will test for CFM56-3C-1.


Engine is most Important part in Aircraft. That’s why price is high position from the aircraft.

This is our engine test cell picture.

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